Safe Food

The Central Michigan District Health Department takes food safety seriously. Our food safety professionals evaluate licensed restaurants, conduct plan reviews of new and remodeled restaurants, investigate food related complaints, and educate food employees and the public. We believe food safety education is the most effective means of reducing the estimated 76,000,000 food related illnesses which occur each year in the United States. We provide educational opportunities each time we evaluate a licensed food service facility. We also provide food safety education to the different populations we serve.

Food Establishments


Our food safety professionals are available for FREE customized food safety training for non-profit groups such as churches, band boosters, sports boosters, seniors, and other community based groups. We can provide a food safety presentation at your location targeting safe food practices you need to know. Call your local environmental health office to discuss this training opportunity. This service is supported through a food safety grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.


We continue to offer our safe food worker trainings on a monthly basis at each of our branch offices. Click here to see the schedule and application. The safe food worker training is designed to assist food operators in training their staff in the basics of food safety. The classes are small, 5 or more people, so it allows for an open and interactive training opportunity for the modest fee of $10 per participant.


The Central Michigan District Health Department has trained hundreds of local food service managers and workers in the basics of food safety through the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe program. Certification through this program meets the Food Law requirement of having a certified food safety manager on staff (required after June 30, 2009). We now have additional certified instructors who can provide the training closer to home. We will schedule a class or have a class at your location if we have 10 or more students signed up. Click here to see the current ServSafe schedule and application. Call your local office if you would like to discuss adding a class.